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Latest from the Blog

  • Solitude is the name of my hometown
    Pine trees around the place. Mountains covering the sun. Wild sunflowers swaying slightly with the wind. The cold breeze that touches my skin. Smooth jazz and some classical music on the background while taking a coffee break (tea break). What a splendid day to unwind.
  • Negation is an exemption
    Aside from confrontations, the other thing that makes me feel anxious are interrogations. Any word ending with -tions drives me crazy.
  • Negative first impression
    The title of this blog is not what you think it would be. A few weeks ago, my friend sent her documents for a job application via email. After a couple of days, she got a reply from them (company). The company which I refuse to name because I honestly don’t remember its name. And … Continue reading Negative first impression